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The award-winning plug-in for e-commerce retailers

We make it easy for customers to get opinions on listed items - thus capturing comprehensive customer and product-level data, driving conversions, and broadening exposure.

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Easy to Add

One-click install via our partners, or add a single line of code to your site.

Easy to Use

Tailored feedback from phone, e-mail or social media contacts within a few clicks.

Easy to See

Get access to clear, well-presented customer and product-level data.

Business Intelligence

Get profile and opt-in contact data on customers provisionally interested in each your products.
Get access to opinion data, aggregated at total, demographic, profile or individual level.
Gain exposure to yet-to-be customers, via the requests, and implicit endorsement, of their opinion-seeking friends.
Use our business intelligence reports to build a database documenting concerns and preferences of your customers, and use it to tailor your communication.